This guide is prepared for those who intend to present a paper at one of our conferences to provide necessary rules in the preparation of content and appearance of the paper.  

All authors are expected to follow these guidelines closely.

Keywords: Manuscripts, Preparation guide


:Each paper should have the following structure and order

1- Title of the Paper: It is written in bold capital letters aligned left on one or more lines
2- Names of the Authors, E-mails and their Affiliation:Names of the Authors are written as aligned on left. E-mail address is in italics. Affiliation of each author is written following a blank character after the e-mail of the author, followed by city and country.

3- Abstract : A short description of the study no more than 100 words is given following the main heading

4- Keywords: Keywords identfiying the study are to be given
Main Text: The general rules are given in the next section. The volume of the paper is not to exceed 15 pages

6- Acknowledgement: The name of the Institution who has supported the work may be cited following a main heading.

7- References: The citation format and format of the cited references are given in the next section.

8- Appendices: All additional information that is not necessary to present in the main text are given in appendices under a main heading.


You must write using one of the latest versions of MicroSoft Word editor


A paragraph is started at the beginning of a line without indentation and a blank line is given between successive paragraphs.


Main Headings: The main headings such as "ABSTRACT", "INTRODUCTION", "REFERENCES" are written in bold capitals. One blank line separates a Main Heading with the previous paragraph.

Secondary Headings: The secondary headings are written in bold letters with first letter of words in capital.

Subheadings: Subheadings are underlined words with beginning letter in capital. The text continues after the ":".


Every table is centered at the bottom of the page or at the top of the following page where it is first referred. A table heading is written on top, centered and numbered.


The same rules as in Tables apply except that the figure caption is written below each figure. Anything to be read on the Figures must have large enough size. Any picture must have high enough contrast.


All equations are aligned left on a line with an equation number appear at the right hand-side in parentheses, "( )".

Page Numbers

Do not numerate pages.


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