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Our Association :

The Engineers Association was established as a society for engineers in 1948, and it obtained the license in 1949. The first General Assembly of the Engineering Professionals Association was established in 1958. Eng. Tawfiq Marrar became then the first Engineers Association President, and it had two centers in Amman and Jerusalem and the first law of the Association was enacted in 1972.

The Association has an independent legal personality run by a Board elected by the General Assembly in accordance with the provisions of the Association Law, and the Association President represent it before the courts, administrative entities and other departments.

The Association makes an annual report stating its achievements and clarifying its financial position in financial reports. Every Fund of the Association also makes its respective annual report, and the administrative and financial reports are presented to the General Assemblies for approval.

Association Structure:

The Association consists of 22 branches spread all over the Kingdom with 11 of which are Governorate Branch Boards in addition to 11 subcommittees belonging to them. The Association communicates with engineers abroad through 20 active liaison committees distributed to Arab and foreign countries.

The Association Body consists of:

  • General Assembly.
  • Central Body.
  • Association Board.
  • Engineering Disciplines General Assemblies.
  • Engineering Disciplines Boards.
  • Governorates Branches General Assemblies.
  • Governorates Branches Boards.
  • Offices and Engineering Companies General Assembly.
  • Offices Authority Board.
  • Engineering Communities Committees – 10 Committees.
  • Association Liaison Committees Abroad – 20 Committees.

Second Jordanian International Chemical Process Safety Conference

The Ninth Jordanian International Mining Conference

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