Accepted Papers

Abstract\ Paper Title Author Name
A Fourier Spectral Method To Solve High Order On-Surface Radiation Boundary Conditions in Electromagnetics Adel Al Weshah, S. I. Hariharan Download
Adaptive Quorum-based Channel-hopping Distributed Coordination Scheme for Cognitive Radio Networks Esraa Zeyad Jarrah Download
Blind self-interference cancelation for amplify and forward relaying Saleh O. Al-Jazzar, Saad Shaker Download
Contention Delay Distribution in Event Driven Wireless Sensor Network Sami Aldalahmeh Yousef Jaradat, Mohammad Masoud, Zoubier Hamici Download
Design and Analysis of a standalone DC microgrid with battery and fuel cell energy storage penetration for different load characteristic Nayeem Ur Rahman Chowdhury Download
Design of High Gain 2.4GHz CMOS LNA Amplifier for Wireless Sensor Network Applications Zaid Albataineh, Jafar Moheidat, Yazan Hamada Download
D-Q model and control of a three - phase induction motor considering mutual flux saturation effect Fares S. El-Faouri, Omar Mohamed, Wejdan Abu Elhaija Download
Drive of Senseless Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) Depending on Artificial Neural Networks Yasser Hassoun, Mohammed Bashir Rifai Download
Fractional Patch Antenna Analysis Based on the Iterative Approach Ramzi GARBI, Souad BERHAB Download
Head Movement Based Control System for Quadriplegia Patients Imteyaz O. Qamar, Bashar A. Fadli, Ghazi Al Sukkar, Musa Abdalla Download
Hexa-Band Antenna for Smartphone Applications Saqer S Aljaafreh Download
Hexa-Band Antenna for Smartphone Applications Saqer S Aljaafreh Download
Human Motion to Recharge Implantable Devices Jamal Ibrahim Al-Nabulsi, Halah Akram Al-Doori, Nicole Tayseer Salawy Download
Investigations on luminescent glazing for transparent solar windows Mohamed Fathi Download
Multiple UPFCs Mathematical Model Enhancing Multi-Machine Power System Control Ghassan Mahdi Ali Download
Natural Ester and Synthetic Ester Fluids, Applications and Maintenance M. Lashbrook, H. Al-Amin, R. Martin Download
Numerical Algorithm for a Discrete Variable Gain Controller Design Rami A. Maher, Karim M. Aljebory Download
Optimal Power Flow Using Multi-Verse Optimizer Algorithm Khaled N. Nusair, Muwaffaq I. Alomoush Download
Overview Of Model Free Adaptive (MFA) Control Technology Osman Ibrahim Al-Agha, Khalid Adnan Alsmadi Download
Performance Analysis For Optimal Bidirectional Amplify-and-Forward Relay Networks Muhammad Khalil Download
Propagation Of Millimeter Radio Waves On Microcellular Communication Links Abdallah Mohammad Alshraideh Download
Random –Guided Search Algorithm for Complex Functions Muhammed Jassem, Raed Abu Zitar Download
Variation of Quality Factors and Bandwidth of A Conically Depressed Micro strip Patch Antenna in Plasma Medium Ayman Al-Sawalha, Takialddin Al Smadi Download
Design, Control and Modelling of a Novel Multi-Input-Multi-Output Boost Converter Hub M Alzgool, H Nouri Download
Harmonics Assessment at Mutah University Campus Buildings Khaled Alawasa Download
Survey on Techniques and Applications of Cooperative Diversity with Adaptive Modulation in Wireless Networks Admoon Andrawes Download
Frequency 3D Mapping and Inter-Channel Stability of EEG Intrinsic Function Pulsation : Indicators Towards Autism Spectrum Diagnosis Maha Alafeef, Enas Abdulhay Download