Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee

Raed Samra (Chair), Construction & Structural Engineering Consultant

Maher Khoury, Design Associates and Research Bureau (DARB)

Malek Y. Alrawashdeh, Free Lance Engineering

Sami Habahbeh, Royal Scientific Society

Lina Shbeeb, AlHussein Technical University
Mohammad Alhaniny , Greater Amman Municipality
Nicola Billeh, Outlets Engineering Enterprises Limited Liability Co

Khair Al-Deen Bsisu, University of Jordan

Khaled Nassar, Private Business
Anis Shatnawi, University of Jordan
Malik Alalwaan, Royal Scientific Society
Maha Halalsheh (Vice-Chair), University of Jordan
Ghada Kassab, University of Jordan
Rana Imam, University of Jordan
Majed S. Msallam, Al-Balqa’ Applied University
Husni Madi, Shura Construction Management
Hamed AlAyed, Holy Rock Consultant Engineers