About Conference

The conference themes cover wide ranging topics in smart engineering tracks, including structures and materials, water and environmental, geotechnical, transportation and project management. The themes are weaved in a way to convey the interdependence of the various fields and the merging of modern sciences. In preparing talks or papers, authors should select the theme area and then choose the more specific sub-topic to define the presentation content. Authors are strongly encouraged to state the learning objectives of their presentations.

The conference aims to highlight the significance of a smart future in view of accelerating advances in technology. Civil engineering is bound to be affected significantly by those advances, the invention of new technologies and the rapid advancement of knowledge.

The role of smart education is particularly emphasized in the conference, as well as the need to bridge the gap between academia and a progressively smart practice, and the primary role of seasoned engineers in transferring know-how to junior engineers and students. To that end the conference includes in its activities a Students Conference with the aim to empower students to engage in conversations relating to their future as capable and innovative practitioners.