Keynote Speakers

Suhil Kiwan
Affiliation : Jordan University of Science and Technology
Title : Professor
Lecture :

Short Bio

Prof. Suhil Kiwan
Professor of mechanical engineering at Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) and Certified Energy Auditor (CEA-AEE) and trainer. Prof. Kiwan is a certified “Consultant Engineer”, CE-JEA.  He had his PhD from Illinois Institue of technology, USA and his undergraduate studies from Yarmouk University in Jordan. Prof. Kiwan worked as a professor of energy engineering and dean of the school of engineering and management of natural resources at German Jordanian University (2013-2015). He directed the energy center at JUST. Prof. Kiwan published many research articles in the field of energy engineering. He taught many graduate and undergraduate courses in the mechanical and energy engineering at different universities inside and outside Jordan. Prof. Kiwan worked in establishing and directing the energy center at the ministry of energy and mineral resources (1986-1990). He is a co-founder of Desirtec University network (DUN), EU-MENA-RISE. Prof. Kiwan worked in many EU funded projects in TEMPUS and ENPI programs. Prof Kiwan is a co-founder of master programs on sustainable development and renewable energy at three different universities in Jordan.


In this presentation, Jordan’s forecast for energy demand and generation in the next 50 years will be presented.  Different scenarios to match electricity need will be outlined and presented. The scenario of maximizing the dependence on renewable energy technologies will be stressed and further discussed. The need for energy storage will be highlighted to match energy production and consumption quantitatively and qualitatively. Different techniques of thermal energy storage will be presented including the techniques that we are currently developing at J.U.S.T. Their advantages and disadvantages will be presented and discussed.