Accepted Papers

Abstract\ Paper Title Author Name
A Smart House Wall Energy Performance Study for Arid Climatic Region Fayez G. Aldawi1, Firoz Ala Download
An analysis of energy use efficiency of soybean production under different farming technologies Not Available Download
An Integrated and Optimized National Domestic Energy Saving System C. Salame, M. Eltahchi, J. Si Download
An Overview of Microalgae as a Wastewater Treatment Kamrul Fakir, Z. Yaakob Download
Biobutanol Production by Clostridium acetobutylicum NCIMB 13357 in Modified Medium Emran I. Kha Download
Buildings Energy Efficiency and Building Energy Codes Siba Awawdeh Download
Contemporary Energy Concepts Khaled M.Kh.S Alnobani Download
Conversion Enhancement of Pilot Scale Fixed Bed Reactor for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Phavanee N Download
Copmaring Green Structures with Different Thermal Efficiency Designs Mohammed Ibrahim Daher Download
Drying of Empty Fruit Bunches using a Solar Drying System Fauziah Sulaiman, Nurhayati Abdullah Download
Effect of Building Material and Wall Construction on the Energy Consumption Mahmoud A. Hassan1 Download
Egyptian Nuclear activities at research reactors , laboratories, and uranium production Ashraf E Download
Electricity Load Forecasting – Science and Practices F. Elakrmi, N. Abu Shikhah Download
Energy Technologies and Transportation for the Future Vrushal Ghoble Download
Enhancement of ESP performance of Thermal Power Plant SN Patra & UK Sarangi Download
Experimental and numerical investigation of flow pattern inside a farmer house Model Wael A. Tah Download
Feasibility Analysis of Initiating Building Information Modeling (BIM) for HVAC systems by Genera Not Available Download
Green Building Guideline of Jordan T. Awadallah, S. Habet, A. Mahasneh, H. Adas Download
Impact of lifestyle pattern on energy consumption and carbon emissions Mitali Das Gupta Download
Improved solutions for solid waste to energy conversion C. Marculescu Download
Improving the performance of Gas Power Stations by Using Fogging System Adel Badir abdulHussaion Download
Investigation techniques in ground water Ashraf Elsayed Mohamed Mohamed Download
Nano-MgO catalyzed production of biodiesel from Non-edible Colza oil Farah Halek Download
Optimum tariff for sustainable electricity distribution system Shah Z Haider Download
Overview High-values molecules from microalgae Zahira Yaakob Download
Potentials of energy savings in Jordanian residential sector Ahmed Abubokha, Lana Altaweel Download
Prospect of Iran Natural Gas Export Projects HEDAYAT OMIDVAR Download
Reliability Prediction of a Return Thermal Expansion Joint O.M. Al-Habahbeh, D.K. Aidun, P. Marz Download
Scheduling Compressed Air Energy Storage Systems Ahmet Yucekaya Download
Sensitivity analysis of agrochemical energy inputs and their environmental impacts in rapeseed pr Not Available Download
Simulation of flow and heat transfer in 3D solar chimney power plants-numerical analysis Vali.Ka Download
Simulation of optomozation of heat transfer in PBR core Masumeh Sadat Latifi Download
Stratification improvement in solar-storage tanks used in individuals and collective solar plants Not Available Download
Technology Based E-Mangement System Hasan Zidan Download
The Peaceful Investment of Nuclear Energy Resources in Jordan Bashar M. Shweikeh Download
The positive effects of green roofs on environment Mahnaz Mahmoudi Zarandi1,, Neda Pakari 2, Far Download
The Potential for Biogas Production from Grass Jehad K. Abu-Dahrieh,Mohammad Ahmad Download
The technical and economical impacts of the upgraded simple cycle gas turbines operating on LFO Not Available Download
Transportation development towards the energy independence and CO2 reduction Piotr F. Borowski Download
Utilization of Revit Applications as Preliminary Shop Drawings to Improve Construction processes Not Available Download
Wireless battery charger using energy harvesting Nesreen M. AL-Jezawi Download
أثر التشريعات والانظمة في نجاح فرص الاستثمار في مجال الطاقة، التجربة الأردنية احمد نبيه الدهني Download
احصائيات الطاقة، والتحديات الأمنية للطاقة مازن خليفه Download
استعمال المواد العازلة الشفافة أدهم سبع العيش Download
الربط الكهربائي العربي فوزي خربط Download
الطاقة النووية في الأردن علي المر Download
الطاقة والتكامل البيئي حامد الطراونة Download
تجربة شركة الكهرباء الوطنية في استثمار شبكة الألياف الضوئية رجائي جميل جبر Download
تحسين اداء محطات الكهرباء الغازية باستخدام تقنيات التبريد عادل بدر الرياحي Download
دراسة تحسين وتحديد الأطر التشريعية والتنظيمية والمؤسسية لتطوير مصادر الطاقة المتجددة في الاردن غير متوفر Download
محرك الديزل ومستقبل توليد الطاقة الكهربائية فهمي محفوظ خريصان Download
هل الطاقة النووية مستدامة ونظيفة أيوب ابودية Download