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JEA was established according to the Law No. (15) for the year 1972 and the Amending Laws thereon. Before that it was called "Engineering Professions Association" according to the Law No. (18) issued in the 1958, following the cancellation of the Law No. (59) issued in 1953 by which the first " Jordan Engineers Society" was incorporated in Jordan.


  1. Organization of the profession's practices in such manner as will raise its scientific and professional standing and exploit any ac­cruing benefits for economic ,civic , and national advancement;
  2. Defend the members interests and dignity and uphold the pro­fession's ethics and honor;
  3. Promote the scientific and professional standing of engineers and activate and support research in the science of engineering;
  4. Participate in planning and developing educational and training programs in engineering, industry, and vocational trades and Endeavour to raise the, proficiency of persons practicing engi­neering;
  5. c. Participate in studies of inter-Arab nature, and exchange with the Arab countries information, expertise , and publications cov­ering engineering subjects;
  6. Provide a decent life to engineers and their families in the event of disability, old age, and other emergency cases;
  7. Make all possible endeavors to enable the Association to achieve its professional objectives.

Association Council:

President, Vice-President and 8 members from the seven chapters, which are being formed for the purpose of Association Organization, as follows Two members represent the Civil Engineering Chapter , One mem­ber represents each of the following chapters : Architectural, Me­chanical, Electrical , Mines- Mining -Geological-Petroleum, Chemi­cal, Applied Engineering.

Association Offices and Branches:

JEA has two main offices: one in Amman, one in Jerusalem; it also has 17 branches in different cities of Jordan.

Association Committees:

The following committees are formed to assist and organize the functions of the Council activities:

Social, Cultural, Training and Unemployment, Communication, Ener­gy, Information, Housing, Certificates Equation, Female Engineers Affairs, Profession Practice, Engineer Magazine, Library, Standards and Specification, Engineering Education, Sustainable Technology, Law and By-Laws, Uprising Support, Opposition to peace treaty, Environmental Engineering.

Engineering Offices Order:

Complying with the "Engineering Offices By-Laws" No. (31) for the year 1989 an authorized order was formed to follow and study all is­sues pertaining to the engineering office such: registration, classification and organizing the profession practice.

The Board of this order shall be elected from the, owners of the engineering. offices.

Pension Fund & Social Security Insurance:

These two funds were put into force during the year 1973, aiming at increasing the income and expanding the services offered to the Association members.
Various types of investment were carried out such as: real estate, electrical instruments, computers, cars, and shares.

Medical Insurance:

Offers medical care for the participating members and their families all over.


ملتقى التأهيل والاعتماد المهني الرابع

The Sixth Jordan International Chemical Engineering Conference (JIChEC 06)

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