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From the role of Jordan Engineers Association (JEA) in the development and support of the engineering profession academically and practically and to supplement the engineering sector in Jordan with the latest  update on a scientific level, JEA has established the conferences section,  faith and conscious from Jordan Engineers Association of importance of scientific conferences to provide a suitable place for the exchange of ideas and to identify the best standards and experiences on various issues and access to the latest strategies and scientific and technical developments and keep up with the times.

The JEA perception of importance of conferences in the provision of modern information with competencies and experience, and discussions and exchange of views between the participants in the Conference provides scientific material rich rarely found in books, making it a pioneer in the establishment of scientific conferences at a high level where Involving annually scientists, researchers and participants from all over the world.

Objectives : 

  1. To provide a suitable place for exchanging ideas and to identify the best standards and experiences on various issues from all over the world.
  2. build a network of contacts and partnerships and linkages with relevant national and international organizations and agencies.
  3. Assessment of latest resources and innovative tools and reach the programs of enhancing
  4. skills, training and technical and personal development.  
  5. promoting scientific research and connect it with real practices.
  6. publish various cultures among the worlds.
  7. Employment of conferences in solving certain social and Arab problems and issues.

Second Jordanian International Chemical Process Safety Conference

The Third Forum on Professional Accreditation for Engineers

No Conference Available

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